Wednesday, December 19, 2007


My name is May Mee Htun. I am the only one daughter Daw Moe Moe Aung . I am coming from breaking family. I had not know about father at all. I have any feel and no emotion about father. For me my father is a man who standing with my mother in their wedding photo. Now, my mother have made their second marriage for 10yrs ago. My mother is musalin and My father is buddish. My father still alone now and he live and work at England.Anyway, I live and alive for my mother. For my human life I only know mother not father. But , sometimes I have
been wish to get love and encouragment of my father like others. I am interested in computer programming and to creat noble. I would like to be non-egoentric person for my universe and I proud and feel peace of myself for my relagion is musalin. I am afraid to advanture for others but I can release my life and blood for my relagion. I also would to be a famous programmer and writer for my life and my mother life. My life is equally to my mother and my relagion.